RECKLI CR Type N – Concrete Surface Retarder

For the production of premium exposed

aggregate concrete, available in different

washing depths PPC CR Type N is a solvent-based concrete surface deactivating agent used to produce fine to coarse exposed aggregate concrete using the negative or positive process. PPC CR Type N is available in twelve different washing depths.



 • Homogeneous washing pattern

 • Quick and easy washing

 • Low consumption

 • Very short drying time

 • Easy formwork cleaning


 Areas of Application:

 • Architectural façade elements

 • Precast concrete elements

 • Cast-in-place concrete elements

 • Roughening of separating joints

 • Cast stone and general concrete products

Apply the retarder

Pour concrete

Wash off

Washing depths are approximate only. They depend on the cement grade, w/c ratio, aggregate mix and powder ratio. We will be pleased to assist you with the selection of the most appropriate type.


Please follow the instructions of the corresponding technical data sheet when applying the product.

Finished element

Achieve dramatic results using retarders.

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