PPC Products

Let You

Your Concrete!

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Qualify for LEED credits

Increase Strength
Decrease Weight

Improve Flow

Reduce Cure Times

Improve Moisture & Salt Resistance

Concrete—it’s the most (consumed) man-made substance on earth. We rely on it every day and have for over two millennia. And the formula for concrete has been relatively unchanged for almost that long. But today’s concrete must meet the demands of a growing world. We need concrete that lasts longer, is lighter yet stronger. Concrete that can be formed and shaped and colored. Concrete for dams, bridges, skyscrapers, launch pads, schools…you name it!


PPC concrete additives are tailored to meet the specifications of architects and engineers. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to concrete. We believe in concrete that performs—the way it was intended to. PPC products are in use around the world, proving themselves every day.

Our full line of concrete additives and pre-additives can help you save money, while producing superior concrete. Call us today to see how PPC products make your concrete perform!

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